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Claire F — New York
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Dr. Paul H Keyes
International Dental Health Foundation
1930 Isaac Newton Square
Reston, Virginia 22090

June 21, 1983

Most Honorable Sir:

Congratulations and thank you dear Dr. Keyes. May God bless you with a good long life and a long distinguished career for the good that you have brought humanity. Your Keyes Technique is saving people from suffering and is saving their teeth.

I am enclosing photocopies of two letters of diagnoses, one from Harvard University and the other from Columbia University. Having to turn to them was the last pitch I tried after 11 years of running around to some twenty or more “top” dentists in New York and twenty thousand dollars later — in addition to this terrible suffering. According to conventional dentistry, I was a false-teeth candidate five years ago. The periodontist at Columbia (recommended by Harvard University) told me that I would need “…extensive gum surgery on both upper and lower jaws, extraction of posterior uppers, caps on the upper front teeth, and a false partial…”

During the 11 years of running from one dentist to another, I came across a faker who told me he can “grow bone.” He swallowed my time and bilked me out of $8,000, and the periodontal condition in my mouth worsened. So, you can see how they lied, extorted monies, and took advantage of me. Not one of these trained specialists told me about the alternative Keyes Technique.

It was by accident, lunching at Nedicks counter here in New York and exchanging some words with a total stranger who happened to be a teacher of dental hygienists that I found out about Dr. Keyes. I was in the dentist’s chair the next day. My mouth felt better after the very first treatment that day, and the daily routine of your technique produced remarkable results within 2 or 3 days. As you can see from the enclosed letters, my condition was fatal. I kept up the daily routine (it is very easy, not cumbersome like they claim), and today, 15 months later, my gums are totally rejuvenated and my teeth very strong and getting stronger every day. A dentist who saw my x-rays and my mouth in September 1982 and then again a few months later was so inspired with the results that he decided to learn it. Now, 2 months later, many persons have come to him to seek the treatment. He too sees remarkable results.

Initially, the condition in my mouth was caused by a dentist whose license should have been revoked 12 years ago. (Today he is still in practice.) Thereafter, I kept going from dentist to dentist, periodontists, an implantologist, and you name it, to seek help. “There was no hope,” they all said. But, I was determined to keep my natural teeth. I had to challenge a whole profession.

Today, thanks to you dear Dr. Keyes, I have a good chance to keep my natural teeth. No periodontal surgery, capping, or false partials are necessary. My teeth are strong, and the lost bone is slowly regenerating. I have the x-rays and I am certain that these would be of great interest to you. They are living proof of the total success of your technique.

I know that you lecture in New York and surrounding areas and would like to have the opportunity to meet with you. I have been following press and media write-ups of your technique, and I am aware of the shake-up you generated among conventional periodontists. If your method works in every instance like it proved in my case, then the whole profession of PERIODONTISTS has something to worry about. You have revolutionized all of dentistry and they should stop fighting you with the lies and cover-ups.

Several weeks ago I heard a dentist say on Gary Null’s radio program in New York, NATURAL LIVING, that hydrogen peroxide causes cancer. This was the very first time I heard such a lie. Your technique is rapidly becoming a household word.

Again, thank you for giving me peace of mind again after 11 years of suffering tortures from fear of losing my teeth. It is most unfortunate that the public continues to be lied to and taken advantage of as I had been by such highly trained professionals. I was saved from false teeth by my strong determination to challenge conventional dentistry. I did find the miracle of Dr. Keyes.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Claire F — New York

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