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Important Information that Could Save Your Teeth & Even Your Life!

Your oral health depends largely on your lifestyle and how well you care for your teeth and periodontal tissues. More and more data reveal that poor dental health can adversely affect your general health: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, pregnancy outcomes, etc.

Unlike many diseases that afflict your body, the most common dental diseases — dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontitis (gum diseases) — are caused by bacterial infections that you can totally prevent and arrest if you are able-bodied, properly oriented, and motivated. (Caretakers who understand and apply antibacterial techniques in caring for their patient's mouths can prevent and arrest these infections in handicapped persons who are unable to properly care for themselves.)

Contrary to some opinions, one does not inherit bad teeth. One may adopt a lifestyle that is conducive to contagious bacterial infections caused largely by germ life that is transmitted from mouth to mouth by saliva. That is, disease-causing bacteria will attach themselves to the surfaces of your teeth and form destructive biofilms (plaques) that can invade and damage your teeth and/or the tissues and bone that hold them in your jaws. Those that invade the teeth cause cavities; those that invade the gum crevices surrounding the teeth (gingival sulci) cause gingivitis and destructive periodontitis.

However, neither of these destructive invasions will occur if you take a few precautions with what you eat, drink, suck, and chew, and if you use oral hygiene measures that have an adequate antibacterial potential.

If you want to enjoy excellent oral health — freedom from dental caries and gum diseases — and avoid the concerns, discomfort, and high costs of dental treatments, you need to do only two things:

1) Be careful about ingesting substances — especially refined carbohydrates — that bacteria use for their nourishment and pathogenic activity.

2) Use self-care measures that effectively decontaminate and disinfect your teeth and gums.

You will find self-care information throughout this website, especially on the Keyes Method and Writings pages. To learn how these techniques have benefited dental patients as well as those who treat them, please visit the Testimonials page.  The Links/Referrals page provides links to dentists and other oral health professionals who encourage these non-surgical antibacterial approaches to oral health as well as other sites and products devoted to this topic.

If you apply the information provided here, you should be able to enjoy excellent dental health. If your teeth and/or your tooth-supporting tissues (periodontium) already are damaged by dentobacterial infections, the information provided here will help you intercept and control those infections.

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