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Non-Surgical Antimicrobial Periodontal Therapy
A video lecture: 30-year perspective on non-surgical periodontal therapy

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Non-Surgical Antimicrobial Periodontal Therapy: 30 Years Experience & Perspective

In 2006, Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore hosted a once in a lifetime course that will be remembered as a landmark in the annals of continuing dental education. World famous researchers and educators who practically invented Anti-Infective Periodontal Therapy all gathered together on one stage to present a joint course reviewing 30 years of research and the current state of the art. Dr. Paul H. Keyes, DDS, MS, Clinical Professor of Periodontology, Temple University School of Dentistry, was one of these lecturers.

Every lecture was recorded for posterity by a professional videographer and is available for purchase. Available separately is Dr. Keyes portion of the lecture, edited seamlessly, with Powerpoint slides provided by Dr. Keyes.

Dr. Keyes' lecture addressed the rationale and scientific basis for augmenting non-surgical periodontal therapy with local and systemic antimicrobial agents. Below is the description of his lecture in Dr. Keyes' own words.


In this DVD, I briefly review my research at the National Institute for Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, between 1955 and 1981. My early research started with colleagues on the cause and prevention of tooth decay. We discovered that the most active form of dental caries (tooth decay) is caused by a streptococcal infection that becomes active when sugar is not well cleared from the mouth after eating, drinking, sucking or chewing products that contain this substance.

In 1975, I reported that periodontal diseases were caused by bacterial infections, which could be arrested non-surgically with antibacterial therapy that controlled microorganisms not found in disease-free mouths. In the early 1980s, this finding — which was widely reported in newspapers, magazines, and also a congressional report — was strongly disputed by many periodontists. Today it is far less controversial and clinicians who have used it properly have had excellent results.

Phase-contrast microscopy was used to identify the disease associated germ-life living on the roots of patients’ teeth and to determine how well this germ-life was being controlled by the germicidal measures I used locally, the antibiotics patients took systemically, and the antibacterial self-care patients used daily to disinfect their teeth and gums.

This DVD describes the background, the therapeutic measures used, and the excellent results found in patients, some of whom had not been cured by one or more surgical procedures. Viewers will find video-clips of living disease-associated bacteria seen microscopically before and after treatment, and they will see radiographs (X-rays) and photographs of teeth and gums before and after healing has taken place. In some cases, patients had remained infection-free for up to 5 years.


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Description: DVD Video, 1 Disc, Running time: Approximately 1 hour

Price: $36 (plus $4 shipping & handling. Note: Ordering website will show a shipping cost of $8.95, but your credit card will be charged a flat $40)

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