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David Curtis — Tennessee
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September 13 , 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you… All of my teeth are still healthy and in place, after nearly 25 years, thanks to your method. In 1982 I had periodontal surgery. Ironically, while waiting in the office I read an article in Readers Digest about your method. Nevertheless, I went ahead with the surgery. A year later I still had problems including very sensitive teeth — nothing hot or cold without pain. Even the mint in some toothpastes was painful.

Remembering the article in Readers Digest, I researched and found it. I then located a dentist in Romeo, Michigan, who used your method. He used a microscope and TV system to detect germs, such as spirochetes, that still lived in my gum crevices. Then he treated me with root scaling and irrigation using a medication that tasted like a bleach and water solution. He also prescribed the antibiotic tetracycline. I was shown how to maintain my gums using an irrigator (Water Pik®), floss, and toothbrushing with baking soda and peroxide.

Both the periodontist and my fomer dentist told me that I would loose at least 3 teeth, probably 5. I have yet to lose any. Many thanks again for letting me keep my teeth.

David Curtis

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