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Sherry Innes
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November 17, 2007

Dear Dr. Keyes,

I am a big believer in the Keyes Method of dental care.

Twenty five years ago I had gum surgery. A dozen years later, my dentist suggested I needed it again. I remembered that growing up, my mother insisted we brush our teeth once per day with soda & salt and rinse occasionaly with diluted hydrogen peroxide. (That was in the '50s. How did she know?) I started doing that in earnest but rinsed dailly with the HP. Around that time, I saw a small article in OMNI magazine about the Keyes Method. The article suggested a paste be made of the soda and HP. I immediately changed my daily regimen to floss, brush with the paste, and rinse with undiluted HP. When I reported for oral surgery, the surgeon said my gums were so healthy I didn't need it. Thank you Dr. Keyes!

Sherry Innes, Kenai, Alaska

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